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January 06, 2023 - BY Admin


The more advanced the era, the more crucial the mastery of the English language becomes the wider community's need. Not surprisingly, Indonesian people, especially students, must be able to use English in everyday communication even though using basic English only. Furthermore, there are reasons why mastering English is essential for Indonesian students.


1)    The majority of Indonesian companies currently prioritize English-speaking employees. According to a survey on detikFinance titled "English Proficiency and Indonesia's Position in the Global Workforce," Human Resources (HR) experts in 96% of Indonesian companies value English communication abilities. Therefore, career chances will increase if you speak English well.


2)    Indonesian students who want to study abroad will find it easier if they can speak English well. Since English is an international language, many countries with populations who speak it, such as Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, and Finland, will make it simpler for students from Indonesia to adapt and communicate.


3)    The majority of today's technology uses English, such as laptops, smartphones, televisions, and various kinds of software and other machines that are very much needed and used by students in this era. All information that includes the operation of this technology must be in English. Therefore, mastering English is vital for students to operate the various gadgets they use skillfully.


4)    Advances in technology make it easy for us to reach all information from all over the world through the internet. Various kinds of information in English that are of interest to students, whether it is about education, the environment, the latest news, fashion, food, and other information that uses English, can be accessed by mastering English. That way, all data can be digested as well as possible by students.


5)    Mastery of English also makes it easier for Indonesian students to make friends worldwide. Nowadays, it's effortless to reach people from different countries because many platforms can connect us with them. Students can add friends, as well as broaden their horizons. Students can communicate well with their new foreign friends by being fluent in English.


Overall, mastering English benefits Indonesian students in this digital era.


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